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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Password recovery of mcdata sphereon 4500 (ES-4500 / DS-24M2)

I have a McData Sphereon 4500 / EMC DS-24M and I am trying to recover the password on.

I held down the IML for over 10 seconds, but I can't seem to login.  I have tried username Administrator and password password

(username has capital first letter and password is all lowercase).

Cluebox:~ bfeeny$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
* This login banner can be configured to adhere to your corporate security   *
* policies.                                                                  *
*                                                                            *
* Due to security concerns, default users will be prompted to change default *
* passwords upon login. To retain the default password, re-enter it at the   *
* Password: and Confirm: prompts.                                            *
*                                                                            *

Username: Administrator

The IP its on after IML is  I found this by packet capture and saw the switch sending out a Gratuitous Arp.  On 115200 serial connection I do not get a login, I just get the following:

Copyright 1984-2002  Wind River Systems, Inc.

            CPU: IBM PowerPC 405GP Rev. E
   Runtime Name: VxWorks
Runtime Version: 5.5.1
    BSP version: 1.2/8
        Created: Sep  8 2008, 06:24:58
            WDB: Ready.

SSP0: Subsystem initialization starting
               total          0
              badsum          0
            tooshort          0
            toosmall          0
             badhlen          0
              badlen          0
         infragments          0
         fragdropped          0
         fragtimeout          0
             forward          0
         fastforward          0
         cantforward          0
        redirectsent          0
     unknownprotocol          0
           delivered          0
            localout          0
           nobuffers          0
         reassembled          0
          fragmented          0
        outfragments          0
            cantfrag          0
          badoptions          0
             noroute          0
             badvers          0
              rawout          0
             toolong          0
           notmember          0
               nogif          0
             badaddr          0

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project
for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( product includes cryptographic software written by
Eric Young (


SSP0: Subsystem instantiation complete

Current trace area is set to 0 for subsystem 1 (AS)
FPM:common service start=29a9590         end = 29ad1a0FPM:port_cb_p start=1fca3e0
end = 2bc9960SNMP: subsys init

SSP0:Eth Timer Tsk running

AS PDRAM Manager Main Task running
FPM:Switch is standalone, with all  ports

SNMP:agent task begins ...

LOGIN_SERVER: subsytem reg with nid_db change tsk= 1f585e8 index= 0

LOGIN_SERVER: subsytem reg with rtin_db change tsk= 1f585e8 index= 0
RM0:Scrub Task Starting

  The Embedded Web Server has been enabled.

  The Command Line Interface has been enabled.

Route Manager Routing Task running

Zone Manager Main Task running

SSP0: Name Server entering service
SSP0: Login Server entering service
SSP0: Path Selection Manager entering service

Route Manager Zoning Task running

Route Manager Rerouting Task running

Route Manager Link Task running

Route Manager Flow Task running

Fabric Init Receive Task running.
IN Ethernet activate

SNMP: trap_task begins...

    Fabric Paths Available
Fabric Processes Completed

Any ideas on how I can get this switch recovered?

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Re: Password recovery of mcdata sphereon 4500 (ES-4500 / DS-24M2)

After the switch boots, and you have your serial cable attached try typing "redips" (without the quotes), you should see *'s instead of characters and hit enter. At this point type "ver" and if the version is above 08.01.00 (i think) you should be able to type "pswd_reset" to reset to the password to factory defaults (Administrator/password).

Hope this helps....

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Re: Password recovery of mcdata sphereon 4500 (ES-4500 / DS-24M2)

Thanks, my null modem cable was only receiving not sending, so that was my problem.  I was able to do as you suggested and I am back in the switch, thanks alot.

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