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Password Reset on Silkworm 3850



We just bought a used Silkworm 3850 (Fiber OS V. 4.4.0e) from eBay, and the previous owner did not reset the passwords on it. There is a password on the PROM boot loader. We were able to figure out the password for the factory user account, but all of the other passwords were not set to the defaults. How can we go about resetting the passwords for the root account?



Jason Powell

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Re: Password Reset on Silkworm 3850



try with user "root" password "fibranne"


if the login is successfully, executed the command "passwddefalut"


if the root password was changed you need to procede with Password Recovery Procedure.

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Re: Password Reset on Silkworm 3850

also try factory/shantung
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Re: Password Reset on Silkworm 3850

Also note that passwddefault removes ALL usernames save for the factory defaults. It also resets password options to defaults. If you run a custom password scheme and additional users, you'll need to recreate them.

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