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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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No Fabric License

Hi Everybody,

I've attached a pair of Brocade 300 to my SAN fabrics (Director 4800 - Brocade 5100).

300 switches are zone clean.

But I can't see the 300 in the SAN fabric after connecting to 48000.

The switchshow command says "No Fabric License" in the ISL ports.

sw300_17:admin> switchshow
switchName:    sw300_17
switchType:    71.2
switchState:    Online  
switchMode:    Native
switchRole:    Principal
switchDomain:    1
switchId:    fffc01
switchWwn:    10:00:00:05:33:2e:e3:82
zoning:        OFF
switchBeacon:    OFF

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto
  0   0   010000   id    N8   Online      FC  E-Port  (Trunk port, master is Port  1 )
  1   1   010100   id    N8   Online      FC  E-Port  segmented,(No Fabric License)(Trunk master)

The islshow says "incompatible":

sw300_17:admin> islshow
  1:  1->    (incompatible)

This are my licenses:

sw300_17:admin> licenseshow
    Full Ports on Demand license - additional 16 port upgrade license
    Second Ports on Demand license - additional 8 port upgrade license
    Trunking license
    Enhanced Group Management license
    8 Gig FC license

Do you think I have to buy another license to connect the switch to the SAN fabric ??

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Re: No Fabric License

Try to change the switch in Accessgateway mode and connect it to the other switch.

I am not sure if the Fabric license in Accessgateway mode is needed or not.


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Re: No Fabric License

Yes you need the (Full) fabric license on both switches for the ISL to work.

andreas.bergelt AG suggestion doesn't need a license as an AG doesn't provide fabric services.

However it does require all port to be licensed.

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Re: No Fabric License

how do you solve this issue? i have the same problem, but my two switches have full ports licences.

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