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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Net advisor 11.1.0 displays switch chassis, not switch name


We have recently upgraded from DCFM to Netadvisor 11.1.0.

   ALL Brocade 5100 Switches (independant of Firmware) are showing
  correctly in the SAN MAP and Mini Map (correctly means with the
  Switchname) while in the master log the events for those switches are
  NOT shown with the Switchname , but showing with the Chassis Name

  It displays "Brocade 5100" as switch name,  not the given
  Switchname -- which however is shown in the san map. ALL other
  switch model are shown correctly --
  There are sw7500, sw4100, 5100 and others.  some sw5100 switches have

different firmware on them, but the same symptom regardless fw version.

Please give me tips to resolve it.

Thanks in advance!!

jaeil lee

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