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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Migration from Brocade 5300 to a DCX logical switch

Hi all,

I'm curently migrating Brocade 5300 SAN switch to a DCX logical switch (FID 50, I'm not using the default logical switch).

Brocade 5300 contain LTO drive ports and HBA from backup hosts.

I create two ISLs from 5300 to the logical switch. Fabrics merged without problem.

Now I try to migrate LTO drive ports. I noticed two things:

-LTO ports on DCX logical switch are defined as F_Ports. On 5300 they are L-ports. I think it's normal because DCX blades support only F-ports and E-ports,

-Some drives are recognized as "Target", and we can see the type and Firmware version in the nameserver. But other drives (of the same type and same firmware) doesn't show the type and firmware, and show also "Unknown Initiator/Target"; while they are running fine on 5300.

Firmware versions:

     5300: 6.4.1

     DCX: 7.0.2a

Any idea about this issue?

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