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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Migration from 48000 to DCX 810-4 directors


In a few days I am going to migrate the current 2 fabrics with 2 48000 directors each one to DCX 8510-4. I have several doubts because the customer has a especific environment.

He has currently FICON environment and Open environment. My doubts are:

1.- The customer has several AIX servers in the fabrics, so with the new FOS versions, v7.x.x, Is there any problem if the fcid are differents in the new 8510-4 directors?

2.- Which is the correct FOS version for FICON environment?

3.- If I create VFs, one virtual fabric for FICON environment and other virtual fabric for the rests of the systems, Is there any way to dedicate one or two ISLs for FICON traffic and other one for the rest of the systems?, I mean, Is it necesary create a base switch with XISL and ISLs at the same time to do it?


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Re: Migration from 48000 to DCX 810-4 directors

maybe my blog may provide some answers:



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