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Migrating a Bladecenter switch from Fabric A to B


I have a bladecenter (IBM) that is presently configured in a "single" fabric setup.  Meaning, the BC's 2 SAN switches are both connected to the same Director.  We purchased another Director and started implementing a dual fabric setup.

I would like to move my "Switch 1" from fabric A to fabric B, leaving "Switch 0" on the Fabric A.  Is it as simple as disconnecting SW1 from FabA and reconnecting it into FabB and verify for it to join?  Domain IDs are ok so that is not an issue.  My only other thought was that maybe, upon disconnecting from FabA, i should remove all zoning/host config from the switch prior to having it join FabB?

Thoughts?  Gotchas?  What would you suggest?


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Re: Migrating a Bladecenter switch from Fabric A to B

Hi Durand,

I guess your blade switches are in fabric mode. Blades connected redundantly to both switches. Fabric license present.

In that case you're pretty much on the right track. One switch can be disconnected, remove all zoning configuration, connect it to the new director and it will merge to fabric 2.

Remove the HBA2 from zones on fabric 1 and add it to zones on fabric 2.

You should also reconnect some FE ports for your disk array from Fabric 1 to Fabric 2. The FE ports to reconnect depend on what type of disk array you have and the zonning that you currently have.

Definetely it is good to think about it before you do it. Specially from the zoning point of view. But you should tell me exactly what disk array you have and what is your currently zonning so I can be more specific.


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