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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Merge or redo anything?


we currently have 2 brocade 200e san switches (6.0.0c) in place.  Both are connected for redundancy to the EMC  storage processors A and B but don't act as a single fabric. The rest of the ports is filled up with HBA connects except 2 ports. These are now connected to 2 new 300 switches (6.2.0c). Since i can not do any additional connects to the EMC my question is how to make the EMC visible to the new switches? The 2 new switches got the "fabric" license, the ports connected to the old ones say  (Segmented disabled E-Port) while the ports of the old ones say (Segmented No Fabric License) so it seems i need there also the fabric license. What is the best way to make all switches connect to the EMC?

It's very hard to find the right docs. I found the Web Guide and OS Guide but no word how to merge switches.



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