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M5424 to existing fabric

We have 2 5500 Brocades.  these are the core switches in a single fabric.  They are working fine.  The problem is we are configuring a blade server with internal Brocade IO cards (M5424).  Since these are both Brocade I figured this forum could help me figure out what's wrong.

I have been searching for days, reading everything, but nothing is working.  I connected port 17 (from the blade server IO interface) as an uplink to a port on the just one 5500.  I changed ALL the settings for both ports (M5424 / 5500) for the uplink.  I did a cfgclear, cfgdelete, and did a complete factory reset on the M5424 switch.  Basically what happens is no matter how I configure the port on either/both switches I get an error message: Sec SCC violation, unauthorized switch tries to join fabric.

I did a google search, and found that this is due to zoning, that's where the cfgclear/cfgdelete comes in to remove ALL zoning on this switch.  I did a switchdisable, configure, then changed the domain ID to 1,2, 3 (just to see if I get different results) no matter what ID, what port settings are configured, or how many times I reset the switch, I get the same error message.

So how exactly do I configure the Fabric?  Where or what should I be looking.  If at all possible I want to avoid making changes to the core, everything is perfect.. don't want to mess that up.  I can do whatever is needed on the M5424, but I have exhausted ALL my ideas and solutions.  It SHOULD be working, and page after page tells me the same thing, it's simple.. switchdisable, configure domain, switchenable, done.. but nothing is ever that simple, and it's simply not working...

I am totally done with this switch configuration, any help would be appreciated.  I don't understand why it has to be this difficult.

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Re: M5424 to existing fabric

Honestly I never heard about Brocade 5500, but as you mentioned SCC violation error I would guess your core fabric runs in secure mode (formerly known as Secure Fabric).

If that is the case you would have to add your new Dell switches into SCC allowed switches list.

Please refer to Chapter 7, Configuring Security Policies, in Fabric OS Administration Guide for detailed procedure.

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