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Locate a ICL blade in a DSC


We need to re-seat a ICL CORE BLADE   52     CORE8  in a DCX

I wonder if there is a comnmand we can use to loacte the blade in the chassis so its easier to find, and so we dont pull the wrong blade ?

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Re: Locate a ICL blade in a DSC



The slots are identified 1 to 12 from the left to the right while looking at the port side of the chassis.


the core blades are located in slots 5 and 8

:root> slotshow


Slot   Blade Type     ID    Status


  1     SW BLADE     51     ENABLED

  2     SW BLADE     51     ENABLED

  3     SW BLADE     51     ENABLED

  4     SW BLADE     55     ENABLED

  5     CORE BLADE   52     ENABLED

  6     CP BLADE     50     ENABLED

  7     CP BLADE     50     ENABLED

  8     CORE BLADE   52     ENABLED

  9     UNKNOWN             VACANT

 10     SW BLADE     51     ENABLED

 11     SW BLADE     51     ENABLED

 12     SW BLADE     51     ENABLED


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Re: Locate a ICL blade in a DSC

Or, if you have a so called "4 slot" chassis, then you have two port blades, then core, CP, one more CP, one more core and again two port blades.

You can use "portbeacon" command to flash a number of ports on the blade you need to highlight.

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