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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Licensing/Software Info

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im trying to track down some seemingly impossible licensing. I have a Brocade 8000 and I would like to purchase licensing to activate all 8 FC ports and licensing to activate FCOE on the other 24 ports. My problem is that I cannot seem to find information regarding part numbers and my local vendor that I typically go through is unable to return me a product.


From what I can tell I need to purchase "8000 FC Ports on Demand" & "FCoE", does anyone have ordering information I can refrence? 

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Re: Licensing/Software Info



Brocade 8000 was is EOL at October 2, 2012, and Last Final Order at Februar 2, 2013


that ben sayed, you cannot longer order any license for this platform.


About FCoE, by default the Brocade 8000 was delivered with a FCoE license, it is very strong taht you don't have such a license installed.


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