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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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LSAN Zones and Standard Zones


I am really looking for the best practise here and confirmation that when using LSAN Zones to share devices across fabrics , "Standard" Zones on each fabric are not required if the LSAN Zones contain the same deives as the Standard Zones. This is just duplication of effort and provides no benifits ?.

Any advise much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Michael Troup   

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Re: LSAN Zones and Standard Zones

LSAN zones are only used when using EX or VEX ports.

The LSAN_zone allows you to send frames to a switch without merging that switch's zone configuration, etc into the main switch.

If you don't have EX ports/VEX ports, then you should not be using LSAN zones as they will do nothing for you.

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