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Is FC5022 (Brocade 6547 embedded Switch) compatible with FOS 7.1.2b ?

I've a FC5022 (Brocade 6547 embedded Switch) running FOS v7.0.0_pha4 and has to be upgraded to final version FOS v7.3.1b


I need to know the recommended path for non-disruptive upgrade but on V7.1.2b Release Note it doesn't appear as Supported Switch so I need to clarify to which version should I jump to.



Source version                       Target Version

7.0.0_pha4                            ????  (7.1.2b ?)

7.1.2b ?????                                    7.2.1d

7.2.1d                                            7.3.1b



Thanks in Advance.


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Re: Is FC5022 (Brocade 6547 embedded Switch) compatible with FOS 7.1.2b ?

From Release Notes 7.1.2b


Any 8G or 16G platform running any FOS v7.0.0x firmware can be non-disruptively upgraded to FOS v7.1.2b.

However, users must pay close attention to the following before upgrading the DCX 8510 platforms to FOS v7.1.2b


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