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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Is EOSi 5.3.0ef qualified with FOS 6.3.0b. [MP-1620 (5.3.0ef) > DS-5300B (6.3.0b)]

Hello All

Is EOSi 5.3.0ef qualified with FOS 6.3.0b?

Please advise


Chetan R

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Re: Is EOSi 5.3.0ef qualified with FOS 6.3.0b. [MP-1620 (5.3.0ef) > DS-5300B (6.3.0b)]

EOSi, is since FOS 6.0.x ( excepted FOS 6.2.2x ) not longer supported

FOS 6.2.2x is Supported with follow restrictions:


For Multi-Protocol router interop, FOS-based switches deployed in M-EOS fabrics should not be directly
connected (via ISLs) to the M1620 / M2640 products, but rather attached to other M-EOSc/n switches
and directors (M6140s, 4700s, Mi10ks, etc) running in McDATA Fabric Mode/Interopmode 2. McDATA
Open Fabric Mode /Interopmode 3 is supported only with M-EOSi v5.3.


McDATA SANRouters 1620 and 2640 should not be used with XPath or FOS-based routing (FCR) for
connections to the same edge fabric.


M-series SANRouters (1620/2640) may not participate in a fabric that has encryption services from a
Brocade Encryption Switch or FS8-18 Encryption blade.

Note, x Character refer a Letter in a FOS Release, Example 6.2.2f

Another restriction, EOSi is Generally no longer Compatible with 8G Plattforms.


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