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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Invalid Tx work count and Invalid CRC count in HBA

Hi Techies,,, Server team receiving Invalid Tx work count and Invalid CRC count in HBA and at switch SFP all error count shows as zero. We have changed the SFP at switch port and replaced the new Cable. But Still server receiving these errors.

fcinfo hba-port -l 21000024ff319060 HBA Port WWN:


        OS Device Name: /dev/cfg/c6

        Manufacturer: QLogic Corp.

        Model: 371-4325-02

        Firmware Version: 05.06.04

        FCode/BIOS Version:  BIOS: 2.02; fcode: 2.03; EFI: 2.01;

        Serial Number: 0402H00-1104906790

        Driver Name: qlc

        Driver Version: 20120717-4.01

        Type: N-port

        State: online

        Supported Speeds: 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb

        Current Speed: 8Gb

        Node WWN: 20000024ff319060

        Link Error Statistics:

                Link Failure Count: 1

                Loss of Sync Count: 0

                Loss of Signal Count: 0

                Primitive Seq Protocol Error Count: 0

               Invalid Tx Word Count: 604045312

                Invalid CRC Count: 231

Kindly advice us.

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Re: Invalid Tx work count and Invalid CRC count in HBA

Is it just a single cable with no patch panels in between?

You have provided just a single snapshot of the counters. Have you taken a 2nd snapshot and observed growth over time even after replacing the cable and switch-side SFP? How quickly are they growing from the counts shown above?

In my experience, in almost all cases where inv tx words and/or CRCs are growing on the host side it has been an external cause like the cable or optic on the other end. But if you have truly ruled those out, it is possible that the rx side of the HBA optic is faulty. If you cannot try a different switch port, or perhaps a loopback test on the HBA itself then perhaps you need to replace the HBA.

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