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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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ISL between DS16B2 and DS4100B

We are trying to merge DS16B2 (3.2.1b) and DS4100B (5.2.2).

Initially the DS4100B wouldn't join, becuase it wanted to be PRINCIPAL.

So we had to manually move config to the DS4100 via configdownload, and then cfgclear the DS16B, and that ISL.

The DS4100 remained principal and the DS16B came in as subordinate.

There were/are (2) ISL between these switches, but we can only get (1) of the ISL's active.

We were thinking cable/GBIC issue, but doesn't look like it now..

In fact we moved (2) ISL from another DS16B, to the DS4100B replacing it, and those wouldn't come up either.

Seems like we can only get (1) ISL active.

Any reasone why we wouldnt' get more that (1) ISL active?

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