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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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How to calculate transfer / Throughput rates of a DS-4900

Hi ,

Is there any Process or algorithm on how to calculate the transfre / Throughput rates that we can expect from a DS-4900 switch?

a process which takes the specification of the source and destination devices into account together with the protocol being used, the fibre and any other

relevant factors, which when applied to the algorithm / process will provide the actual expected transfer rate.


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Re: How to calculate transfer / Throughput rates of a DS-4900


I think the question is more what your target and initiators are able to handle. Each ports can deliver 360-380MB/s in theory. This can result in 760MB/s throughput shown with the command portperfshow. Portperfshow displays RX and TX in one figure.

There is no oversubscription on the Brocade switch side. Fibre link length under 1000m is normally no real issue and can be ignorred. On longer length like 10km bufferhandling get more important and need some adjustments.

Keep in mind that bandwidth and IOPS are complete different thinks also latency is a key point. If the data frames are not fully loaded with 2112 bytes you will never get 100% bandwidth usage. This depends on your applications and OS. 

I hope this helps. If you need further information let me know.If your are satisfied with the answer please mark it as answered.



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