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How to add a new user in Brocade 200E f/b ?

Hello All,

could any one help to add a new user account in Brocade 200E f/b switch. right now i have only one id 'administrator'.

is theere any options to add more users as admins?



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Re: How to add a new user in Brocade 200E f/b ?

You can do this via the web console, just key in the ip address into your web browser and you should be able to find the right tab.

OR you can use the CLI

userConfig --add <username> -r <rolename>

username Specifies the account name, which must begin with an alphabetic character. The name can be from 8 to 40 characters long. It is case-sensitive and can contain alphabetic and numeric characters,the period (.) and the underscore ( _ ). It must be different than all other account names on the logical switch. The account name cannot be the same as a role name.

-r rolename Specifies the role: User, SwitchAdmin, ZoneAdmin, FabricAdmin, BasicSwitchAdmin, Operator, or Admin in nonsecure mode; in
secure mode you can also use NonfcsAdmin.
-h admindomain_ID Optional: Specifies the home Administrative Domain; if no Administrative Domain is specified, then the lowest numbered
Administrative Domain in the list is assigned.

-a admindomain_ID_list Optional: Specifies which Administrative Domains the user may access; if no Administrative Domains are listed, the user is
automatically assigned to AD0. Use comma-separated lists, ranges, or both for example -a 0,9,10-15,244.
-d description Optional: Adds a description to the account. The description field can be up to 40 printable ASCII characters long. The following
characters are not allowed: asterisk (*), single quotation mark (‘),quotation mark (“), exclamation point (!), semicolon (;), and colon (:).
-x Specifies an expired password that must be changed the first time the user logs in.

userConfig -add raju -r admin -d "Rajus Account"

Should work.


Biju Krishnan

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Re: How to add a new user in Brocade 200E f/b ?


I was trying to add a user using the userconfig command from CLI, and I get the following message:

sqlite3_exec error: 8 attempt to write a readonly database.

does anyone had such a problem?



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Re: How to add a new user in Brocade 200E f/b ?

Any updates on this?  I get the same error when trying to add a user on a B300:


b300s1:admin> userconfig --add test123 -r admin -h 0 -a 0  -p ********

  sqlite3_exec error: 8 attempt to write a readonly database
  Failed to add user account

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