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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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HPE FC SN3000B firmware upgrades (Brocade 6505)



I need to do dome firmare upgrades from v7.2.x to v8.0.x on a couple of SN3000B switches. Reading through the release notes I can either do this distruptively but in fewer steps or non-disruptively in more steps. To minimise risk I would rather do more steps that are non-disruptive but I want to know if this is truely non-disutptive using this approach. The environment is very simple with 2 x FC switches, a small number of hosts and single storage array. Whereas some hosts are multipathed there are a couple of hosts with only a single HBA port and therefore connected to just one switch. My interpretation of 'non-disrutpive' is that a single pathed host will not suffer any outage when the switch is upgraded - is this what 'non-disruptive' means in the HPE\Brocade world or do I need to shutdown any single pathed hosts first?


Thanks in advance

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Re: HPE FC SN3000B firmware upgrades (Brocade 6505)

Non-disruptive means that CP will reboot to start the new firmware, but the ASIC will continue to read and write FC frames. The end-to-end I/O will not be affected.

But since we are living in the world of bugs, there's always a small chance that something will go wrong.
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Re: HPE FC SN3000B firmware upgrades (Brocade 6505)

Great - many thanks for the info


I think I need to apply the following to get from 7.2.1d to the latest version non-disruptively:


7.2.1d --> 7.3.2b --> 7.4.1e --> v8.0.2a --> v8.1.0a


does that look correct to you?

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Re: HPE FC SN3000B firmware upgrades (Brocade 6505)



yes that is correct.



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