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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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HP / Brocade 4GB c-Class SAN Switch - SilkWorm 4024

Recently purchased these 2 switches from a Datacenter pull.

Both are locked down tighter than a nuns &%*@.


I tried everything I could think off to crack these puppies open including the default passwords ( User / Admin / Factory )


I was able to connect to the serial console via the C7000's OA and was able to recover and reset the boot password.


Boot PROM Version: 4.6.6

Feb 23, 2010


They are not currently in production so even a factory reset would work as i can see the configuration is "locked" in and would have to clear it anyway.

Thank you for your time...

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Re: HP / Brocade 4GB c-Class SAN Switch - SilkWorm 4024

try with


username = USERID

password = PASSW0RD


where the characters 0 in password is ZERO

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Re: HP / Brocade 4GB c-Class SAN Switch - SilkWorm 4024

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Thanks Antonio,


I tried but still no joy...

Im no pro when it comes to Brocade switches, but is there a way to "force" an update from the boot console ?

 As mentioned earlier, these switches are NOT in production so we can get as messy as we want with them.


What other options do I have ??

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