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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FX8-24 crossport and FCIP routing

Hi Experts,

I am configuring FCIP using FX8-24 blades. FOS is 7.x I am also using xge1 as a cross port.
And I have following questions.
Q> by using xge1 as cross port, VE ports 22-31 will be available for xge0 right?


Following is the sequence of commands to assign IP and create tunnels


portcfg ipif 7/xge0 create 1500
portcfg iproute 7/xge0 create
portcmd --ping 7/xge0 -s -d

portcfg ipif 7/xge1 create 1500 -x
portcfg iproute 7/xge1 create -x
portcmd --ping 7/xge1 -s -d
portcmd --ping 7/xge1 -s -d -x

portcfg fciptunnel 7/22 create --remote-ip --local-ip -B 6000000 -c auto
portcfg fcipcircuit 7/22 create 1 --remote-ip --local-ip -B 6000000 -c auto


Does it look correct?


Q> when I create iproute I am using destination port IP address instead of network address as shown in admin and cli guides

as per admin guide

portcfg iproute 8/xge0 create netmask


While I am using
portcfg iproute 7/xge0 create


Where is the IP address of destination interface


Will it work? or does this have to be network ip address as given in brocade guides?



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Re: FX8-24 crossport and FCIP routing



--->>>Q> by using xge1 as cross port, VE ports 22-31 will be available for xge0 right?


is correct.


In 10 Gbps mode, you can also configure VE_Ports 12 through 21 to use port xge0 as a crossport and VE_Ports 22
through 31 to use port xge1 as a crossport.


about Tunnle cretae and Ip assign:


--->>>portcmd --ping 7/xge1 -s -d


for portcmd --ping command, when crossport is configure, you have to use the --crossport operand, in example:


"portcmd --ping 7/xge1 -s -d --crossport"


the same for portcfg -iproute,


--->>>portcfg iproute 7/xge0 create


in example


"portcfg iproute 7/xge0 create --crossport"



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