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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS Upgrade Path



I have two switches, running firmware: 6.4.1b, i will like to have them upgraded to 7.3.1b. I will skip 7.4.0 for now. :)

There switches are HP Storageworks 8/8, as i know this is a OEM brand of Brocade 300.


Is it right that the upgrade path is:

6.4.2a3 -> 7.0.2e1 -> 7.1.1c1 -> 7.2.1e -> 7.3.1b ?



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Re: FOS Upgrade Path

Yes. It is.



Migrating from FOS v6.4.x
DCX/DCX-4S units running any FOS v6.4.x release can be non-disruptively upgraded to FOS v7.0.2.
Any 8G platforms (other than DCX/DCX-4S) that are currently operating at lower than FOS v6.4.1a must be
upgraded to FOS v6.4.1a or later before non-disruptively upgrading to FOS v7.0.2 Upgrading these platforms
from any FOS V6.4.x release lower than FOS v6.4.1a to FOS v7.0.2 will cause disruption to FC traffic.
Upgrading any 8G platform operating at FOS v6.4.1a or later to FOS v7.0.2 is non-disruptive to FC traffic.

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