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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Hello to all,

I Have a Fabric and I want to configure a NTP server. I think, "tsclockserver" is to configure NTP server. I think i have configure NTP Server in the Primary FCS Switch.

How can i know what is the Primary FCS switch?

If I type "fddcfg --showall" appear this:

Local Switch Configuration for all Databases:-
DATABASE - Accept/Reject
SCC - accept
DCC - accept
PWD - accept
FCS - accept
AUTH - accept
IPFILTER - accept
Fabric-Wide Consistency Policy:- “"

Do I have "FCS" activated?

What is "Fabric-Wide Consistency Policy"?

What is FCS?


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Hi -

you may be able to set NTP server from any switch in the fabric if you're not using FCS policies. Then it will be forwarded to principal switch in the fabric, which is in charge of Fibre Channel time service (0xFFFFFB)

Have a look at secpolicyshow ... fddcfg --showall shows database policy status, but doesn't show if policies are activated or not.

Hope this helps

Kind regards,



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