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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP routing creation failure

Hi expert,


I have a problem during FCIP conifguration test.


FOS: 721d

Model: FX8-24 under DCX-8510


Following error was happened when I was creating routing table bellow,

switch_13:FID13:admin> portshow ipif 8/ge2

Port: 8/ge2
Interface IPv4 Address    NetMask         Effective MTU  Flags
    0   1500           U R M

Flags: U=Up B=Broadcast D=Debug L=Loopback P=Point2Point R=Running
       N=NoArp PR=Promisc M=Multicast S=StaticArp LU=LinkUp
switch_13:FID13:admin> portcfg iproute 8/ge2 create
Route is an interface subnet


I'm sure interface subnet was and destination subet was This was sure different.


Can you please give me suggestions what should I do with this error.


Kind regards,



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