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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Ethernet ports open on mangement connection for FC directors

Can someone point me to the documentation discussing why ports 897, 27246, 27247, and 52357 are open on the Ethernet connection to the Brocade Fiber Channel Director Class switches via the management port (or copy and past the text in your response)?

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Re: Ethernet ports open on mangement connection for FC directors

I assume you did an nmap trace or something similar and encountered these ports being open.

OK 897 is an SMI-S rpc (898 is the same over ssl) port needed for management via external tools. The other ones are dynamic ports opened based on sessions between this host and the switch. Depending on the management application it negotiates which ports to open. If you have a firewall in between which doesn't do stateful inspection you're out a luck and you have to configure this all manually. (or get some better firewall software. :-))



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