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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Re: Errors every 30 minutes

You may have to check HBA driver and FW level.after doing portstatsclear, check it thorugh porterrshow, portstatsshow. Have you changed SFP and cables as mentioned in this post?

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Re: Errors every 30 minutes

I cleared the stats with and now this is the output.  Can I remove a gbic from a port not in use and put it in port 18?  And can I do this with the system up and running?  This particular has one switch downstream through an isl and one upstream but I don't think it is working today.

DC_4100_A:admin> portshow 18
portName: Uplink from DC_4016_A port 10
portHealth: No Fabric Watch License

Authentication: None
portDisableReason: None
portCFlags: 0x1
portFlags: 0x4001        PRESENT U_PORT LED
portType:  10.0
POD Port: Port is licensed
portState: 2    Offline
portPhys:  4    No_Light
portScn:   2    Offline
port generation number:    51104
portId:    061200
portIfId:    43020014
portWwn:   20:12:00:05:1e:34:e3:fe
portWwn of device(s) connected:

Distance:  normal
portSpeed: 2Gbps

LE domain: 0
FC Fastwrite: OFF
Interrupts:        613        Link_failure: 6          Frjt:         0
Unknown:           0          Loss_of_sync: 11         Fbsy:         0
Lli:               259        Loss_of_sig:  11
Proc_rqrd:         160        Protocol_err: 0
Timed_out:         0          Invalid_word: 0
Rx_flushed:        0          Invalid_crc:  0
Tx_unavail:        0          Delim_err:    0
Free_buffer:       0          Address_err:  0
Overrun:           0          Lr_in:        6
Suspended:         0          Lr_out:       12
Parity_err:        0          Ols_in:       6
2_parity_err:      0          Ols_out:      6
CMI_bus_err:       0

Port part of other ADs: No

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Re: Errors every 30 minutes

Hi jennifer

  >Can I remove a  gbic from a port not in use and put it in port 18?  And can I do this  with the system up and running?

Yes you can remove an SPF from an used port on your switch and swap it over , if you have correctly setup up dual pathing and you have two seperate fabrics , this will be a non-distruptive change.



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Re: Errors every 30 minutes

If the server is AIX, pls do it carefully, you may have to do a rmdev and cfgmgr for the same.

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