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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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End of Temporay License

Hi team.


We have a problem because the final licenses have not yet reached to the customer for 10 Gb SFP in SN6000 and SN6500 switches.


45 days ago Temporary Licenses were installed and will expire next November 24. Before these Temporary Licenses we had applied Universal Temporary Licenses.


Will 10Gb SFPs stop working on November 24 or will they continue to run until a switch reboot is done?


I'll look forward for your answer.



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Re: End of Temporay License

[ Edited ]

Hello @FASAM10


Apologies for the late response on this post, but perhaps we can help others if nothing else! Some info regarding licenses below:


Once a temporary license has expired, it can be viewed via the licenseShow command. Expired licenses have an output string of "License has expired". RASlog warning messages are generated every hour for licenses present in the database, which have expired or are going to expire in the next five days. An expired license may become unusable after a reboot, failover, firmware download, or a port or switch disable or enable operation


I'm guessing your concerns have been addressed by this point, but if the Community may be of any further assistance, please let us know.


Best Regards,



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Re: End of Temporay License



->Apologies for the late response on this post,..




I noticed the Thread was posted in wrong Forum


-> Brocade SDN + NFV -> :User Groups-> :User Discussions -> : End of Temporay License


since you question is related to FC Switches, I moved the Thread in correct Fibre Channel (SAN) Forum


To avoid such delay in response, we encouraged user to post always in correct Forum.






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