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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Effective vs Defined Configuration

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Im relative new on this kind of things, but I want to know what is the differences about active vs defined configuration on my brocade 300 switch?.


Please, I hope someone helps me.


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Re: Effective vs Defined Configuration

The Brocade FOS Administrator's Guide is your friend.  It explains SAN zoning elements including defined and effective configurations.  Essential the defined configuration is any and all zones created.  The effective configuration is a subset of defined zones you want to use.  The desired zones are placed into a zoneset and enabled which becomes your effective configuration.


That said.... from the v7.4 Administrator's Guide:


Several zone configurations can reside on a switch at once, and you can quickly alternate between
them. For example, you might want to have one configuration enabled during the business hours and
another enabled overnight. However, only one zone configuration can be enabled at a time.

The different types of zone configurations are:
• Defined configuration

The complete set of all zone objects defined in the fabric.


• Effective configuration

A single zone configuration that is currently in effect. The effective configuration is built when you
enable a specified zone configuration.

• Saved configuration
A copy of the defined configuration plus the name of the effective configuration, which is saved in
flash memory. (You can also provide a backup of the zone configuration and restore the zone
configuration.) There might be differences between the saved configuration and the defined
configuration if you have modified any of the zone definitions and have not saved the configuration.


• Disabled configuration
The effective configuration is removed from flash memory.

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