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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Editing Existing Zone in S200

I need to edit my existing S200 brocade because I change the backup server to a new server.

The changes i need to do are

1. Remove the old WWN of the old backup server.

2. Assign the Alias to the new WWN of the new server.

3. Save the Config.

My question is whether I need to enable the config?

If I need to, will it disrupt my existing zones?

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Re: Editing Existing Zone in S200


you have to remove the old wwn from the alias (aliremove <aliasname>, <old_wwn>), then add the new one (aliadd <aliasname>, <new_wwn>). This is a change in your configured zoning objects. To push that to the whole fabric, you have to enable it (cfgenable <cfg_name>). This will not cause a disruption for you existing infrastructure. The cfgsave is included in the cfgenable.



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