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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Do you need to "save" brocade command switch changes?

All: You know when you make Cisco SAN Switch changes you have to finish up your session with:     copy runnning to start Or something likek that. When you do a Brocade SAN Switch change with commands, do you have to finish up with anything to permanenetly save the config change? When I do zoning on the Brocade, I finish up with:   cfgSave But I think that that is a zoning library database save, not an entire Switch configu save. I'm only setting "portcfgfillword".     Stuart

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Re: Do you need to "save" brocade command switch changes?

No not really, most commands are effective immediatly.

Those who don't require a switchdisable or a portdisable/enable or something similiar.

The only command that comes close to Cisco's is they cfgenable to copy the defined zonset to the effective zoneset

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