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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Daylight Saving Time - Change

We are currently putting plans together for the changes to the dates for the Daylight Savings Time and whould like to know if there is anything that needs to be updated (or Fixed) to support the new dates, if the Time Zone selected is for the DST? We are currently running a 3250 and a series (4) of IBM/Brocade 2005-B32's.

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Re: Daylight Saving Time - Change

I had the same question. We have 2 3800 and 1 3900 switch used for SAN attached libraries in the backup environment. Should we be concerned with the DST coming up this weekend? Thanks,

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Re: Daylight Saving Time - Change

I'm looking for a solution as well. Seems that we would have to manually change via the tstimezone -offset twice a year. I was hoping someone may have written a script to kick off twice a year to automate the procedure. Let me know if anyone finds something. I'll share my luck if I have any.... Thanks

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