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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX8510 and McData 6140

I have heard that there are some incompatibility issues between the DCX8510 and the McData 6140 being on the same SAN and or ISLing between them. Anyone have any information on this?

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Re: DCX8510 and McData 6140

Hi wduglin.  FOS 7.x and higher no longer supports Interopmode(s) needed for ISL connections to the legacy McData fabrics.  I believe this is what you are referring too.  Here is a statement from the FOS 7.x Release Notes.

Native Connectivity (M-EOS interoperability)

  • A switch running FOS v7.0 or later cannot form E-port connectivity with any M-EOS platform. A switch running FOS v7.0 or later can only operate in Brocade native mode (interopmode 0). Connectivity between M-EOS platforms and a switch running FOS v7.0 or later is supported via FCR.

So to connect the two fabrics, Fibre Channel Routing would need to be used.


Mike Eversole
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