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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX8510-8 Upgrade guide

Hi Folks.


I've just been asked to add 2 DCX48P16GE blades to an 8510-8B switch.  I've looked on the EMC and Brocade support sites, but I don't see an install guide.


I'm trying to find documentaiton to help with the upgrade, such as...  

  1. Is there a prefered slot placement?
  2. Are there any pre-install steps that need to be done before installing the blade  (I can only find replacement instructions)
  3. Will I need to do a firmware upgrade of the blade to match the switch, or will the controlers push the installed version to the blade?

Any help is appretiated





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Re: DCX8510-8 Upgrade guide

1. No.
2. No. Just make sure that your current FOS supports this kind of blade.
3. CP will push the required firmware into the new blade on insertion.

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