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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX SNMP mibwalk

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We have 8 Brocade DCX units all behaving the same way.

They have matching configurations.

They are all running v7.4.1d.

They all have the same hardware.

There are no errors found on the units.


When an SNMP mibwalk is run to these machines, there is a failure at . All of the units have this problem. The FA-Trap is not responding.


The same monitoring station/program can successfully do a complete mibwalk to some other Brocade DCX units we have. The configurations, hardware, and firmware all match the units which are not working.


Any ideas what it could be?

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Re: DCX SNMP mibwalk



I believe, - but I'm not 100% sure - this is a limitation related to Time register holding.


this limitaion is fixed in FOS 8.1, however from you Thread "DCX" i assume you have old Gen4 DCX also 8/Gb ?


in such case you cannot upgrade to FOS 8.x or higher.


otherwise I would suggest to open a TAC with Brocade and/or VI  

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Re: DCX SNMP mibwalk

Yes, they are Gen4 DCX, they have 4 units running that they can monitor with the same hardware, config and FOS as the 8 that they cannot monitor. What do you mean "Time register holding"


Any other sugustions.



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Re: DCX SNMP mibwalk



I have to assume that the FA-MIB is enabled on the switch - snmpconfig --show mibCapability.


Notice that if you are running virtual fabrics, and the switch (logical / base / default) does not have any port allocated, then no data is returned.  Not clear from above if you are using VF or not.  You would then need to specify a contact like (-n VF:<FIDnummer>)  (and use snmpv3 with an user havin admin right on the chassis and/on the logical switches).

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