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DCFM - Anyone Managed to get Sybase Queries & DB interrogation?

Still waiting for some feedback from Brocade on this however I am wondering if anyone has managed to utilise DCFM event management to its full potential since the macro's were ripped out after EFCM?

We have a lot of macro's in EFCM being used to full out strings used in batch files that are run as part of the "Action" - fields from the EFCM configuration are sent to our BEM server and from this we generate valuable alerts in HP Service Desk.

In DCFM the macros arent there and all you seem to be able to do is run a file or script as part of the action and not submit any of this valuable information that you could pull out of EFCM before.

So im trying to find out if anyone has been able to run scripts to interrogate the Sybase database that is used in DCFM and somehow subsequently submit this data or to be able to extract the data to the submit within an external script - the "out of the box" event management module within DCFM in my opinion is somewhat lacking in functionality whilst I do like the multiple count idea and restructuring to prevent false positives for example, this falls way short on what we could achieve from an alert management perspective with EFCM believe it or not...


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