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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Core upgrade

We have a core edge configuration with redundant SAN's.  I want to replace our core 5300 switches with new SN6600B switches.  We have 3 edge switches for each SAN.  All of our equipment is running 7.3.2b FOS.  All zoning is 1 to 1 wwn mapping.  I have been unable to find documenation on the right way to migrate our switches to new hardware.  Everything is managed via BNA pro 14.2.2 if that matters at all.

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Re: Core upgrade



Its depends on lot of things,..


Do you have FC routing in place?

Do you want to perform action online ? or you want to replace whole switch at same time ?


If not than you only need to configure switches, connect it to the particular fabric and then recable it cable by cable..

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Marian Bezeg

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