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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Configureing ISL Link Existing standlone switch with out down time.

Hi Team,

can any one help me on this,

1) I have two brocade 300 and two HP brocade c7000 blade chassis switches each together working as stand lone switch.

2) Now I want to make brocade 300 as core switch HP brocade as slave switch.

after done with ISL link to brocade 300 to HP blade switch, even i have check with unique domain ID, port speed,

My question?

Its possible for with out down time,

if any recommend firmware version need for ISL link cascading for with this four switches.

if any other maintenance that we can do on this

ModelFirmware Version
1Brocade 300 SAN Switch  ( this will be core switch )6.4.1b
2Brocade 300 SAN Switch   ( this will be core switch )6.4.1b
3Brocade 4/12 SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem6.2.2
4Brocade 4/12 SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem6.2.2

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