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Configured NPIV for VM and turned on NPIV in switch, but config not success


I am a beginner.

I have generated FC NPIV based WWN for my virtual machine and assigned RDM from CLARiiON storage.

I have zoned the ESX host and the storage array.

When i do a 'switchshow' from brocade admin console, i see '1 NPIV public' for the switch port to which i have connected my ESX, as shown below.

And also the nssshow command does not show the vWWN, it shows only physical HBA WWN.

I have provided the device details I have used in the configuration with steps below.

Please provide me hints in troubleshooting the same.


Brocade Switch DS-4100B FOS 6.2.0c (Note: Using 'portcfgshow' I have verified that NPIV is ON for the port)

Host - ESX 4.0

The ESX host has one dual-port HBA (QLogic ISP 2432 4GB FC, version) and I have used only one port out of it to connect to Brocade switch.

Storage array CLARiiON CX3.


1. Zoned the ESX host with CLARiiON. (Mixed Zoning: Array WWN and switch port connected to host)

2. Masked LUNs Lun1,Lun2, Lun3 to the host through NaviSphere.

3. Created datastore out of Lun1 to store the RDM's LUN mapping

4. Powered off existing Win VM, through vCenter generated one vWWN.

5. Created RDM for the VM using Lun2 (Chosen datastore created using Lun1 to have the RDM lun mapping)

6. Powered on the VM

7. Checked the ESX host for virtual ports using command cat /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/6, and did not see any vPort entry

8. From brocade switch checked switchshow and nsshow and did not see any vPort entry.

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Re: Configured NPIV for VM and turned on NPIV in switch, but config not success

You havent tried the most useful command for NPIV - portloginshow.Do you see you NPIV WWN logged into the switch. Make sure your VM is up and running with an operating system when you check this.

admin> portloginshow 18

Type PID World Wide Name credit df_sz cos


fe 4f1201 28:24:00:0c:29:88:9a:28 16 2048 c scr=3

fe 4f1200 10:00:00:00:c9:50:ee:66 16 2048 c scr=3

ff 4f1201 28:24:00:0c:29:88:9a:28 12 2048 c d_id=FFFFFC

ff 4f1200 10:00:00:00:c9:50:ee:66 12 2048 c d_id=FFFFFC

The foll doc might also be useful

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Re: Configured NPIV for VM and turned on NPIV in switch, but config not success


Thanks for the note.

I worked again on it today by configuring a new VM with OS and got it set right.

It works fine now.

The command you have mentioned shows me the vWWN that is logged in.



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