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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Compatibility FOS 6.2.2.f with FOS 7.2.0

I want to buy 2 new switchs - 6505- . Actually in my fabric there is only switches with FOS 6.2.2.f / 6.4.2b / 6.4.3f3. Can i insert theses news 6505 with FOS 7.2.x without problems ? the release notes of  FOS  7.2.0a say interoperability with FOS 6.2.2f for switch 4020 ( my oldests switches) is OK but is anyone know problems with theses versions (FOS 6.2.2.f + FOS 7.2.x) ?

If not,  i want to use new 6505 in access gateway mode to avoid any interoperability problems but i never use this way.

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Re: Compatibility FOS 6.2.2.f with FOS 7.2.0

Hi @jylh29,


I couldn't find any mention of compatibility issues between the two versions so you shouldn't have any issues. Maybe another member has this configuration and will share their experiences. Either way, interested in hearing your experience with this setup.


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