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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Changing runlevel


I have a Brocade 5100.  I am able to get into command shell.

I need to change runlevel to 1 in order to change user password to default

How do you edit  /etc/inittab  ?

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Re: Changing runlevel


a password recovery procedure is available in order to reset password to factory default.

have a look here in the community, and you find diverse threads.


first, from email you send me yesterday, the email-address is invalid.

second, generally I don't answer email with free email address ( like gmail, yahoo, hotmail,  etc. )

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Re: Changing runlevel

Hi, Try below procedure.

connect the seial cable to switch

Reset the switch and while booting press ESC key

Select 3 i.e enter command shell (default password is "password")

when cmd shell appears enter "printenv"

Note down the OSLoader variable first part and enter


Once OS is loaded run below cmd

$ mount -o remount,rw,notime /

$mount /dev/hba2/mnt

Run below command to reset all passwords


All passwords will be reset to default

Then type reboot -f


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