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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Cannot re-register the software license key

Dear Support Team,

I input a wrong WWN number when I first time register the software license key of 4-ports FC SAN module.

And I cannot re-register using correct WWN again. The error message is " the same transaction key used on the other WWN "

Question: How to release the transaction key and I can register a correct WWN?


Gavin Chau

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Re: Cannot re-register the software license key


First, this is a wrong Board to post any thread like you problem.

Second, this is not a Brocade Support team Board, this a Brocade Community user help user.

To you Problem:

--->>> I input a wrong WWN number......

I fear, but you must Buy a new License.

Ask here for Support you Local Brocade reseller, or Brocade Support if you have a Valid Support Contract.



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