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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade Network Advisor - Adminstrative Domains

Hi all,

would like to get a fabric managed that has Administrative Domains.When I go on Configure >> Zoning  in NetWork Adisor (11.1.X)  I am getting the Error message.

"There are either no fabrics or only AD enabled fabrics in this view. No zoning information is available"

I have checked the lastest BNA SAN User guide, but can not find if its supported or not or if there is something special to configure to administer the zoning in BNA.

Best regards


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Re: Brocade Network Advisor - Adminstrative Domains

Hi Ralf,

in the BNA SAN Manual 53-1002530-01 on page 67 you can find this note:

To monitor a fabric and all associated devices, complete the following steps.

  1. Select Discovery > Fabrics.

    The Discover Fabrics dialog box displays.

  2. Select the fabric you want to monitor from the Discovered Fabrics table.
  3. Click Monitor.

    The monitor function fails if the fabric has user-defined Admin Domains created or if the fabric is merged with another fabric already in the monitored state.

  4. Click Close on the Discover Fabrics dialog box.

So far I am not sure if AD is supported.



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Re: Brocade Network Advisor - Adminstrative Domains

Thanks you very much Andreas for your help

@ All, does anybody know if AD / Zoning are supported with Brocade Network Advisor ?

Best Regards


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