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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Registered: ‎02-16-2012

Brocade 5300 pings but not ssh-web access

hi guys

I have 2 Brocade 5300 (IBM 2498-B80) I created the zones in one of them.... worked OK.

While doing some other stuff I started the Zone config using the web page....but it never opened then I closed the IE window (San GUI).

After that I am not able to open it using web browser or ssh....the other SAN Switch is working OK web and ssh.

But this one I am not able to make it work...

I had to go onsite and create zones manually using the console's OK for now but I need to recover my web and ssh access...

One curious thing is I am able to ping the IP....but not able to access what I said before....

Any idea how to reset ssh and web service? or to enable and disable the Ethernet Port?

the idea is any workaround to try rebooting the SAN

thanks a lot

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Re: Brocade 5300 pings but not ssh-web access


you may want to check out the command 'hareboot'.

It's mentioned several times on this forum as a solution when there is a problem with the web interface.

Posts: 24
Registered: ‎02-16-2012

Re: Brocade 5300 pings but not ssh-web access

I am not sure it that command will or will not reboot the switch and servers-storage connections

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