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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 5300 connection lost to Tape Library

I am trying to find out if anyojne else has had this happen to them.

My Tape Library recently, after switching out our Cisco 9509's to Brocade 5300's is loosing its connection.

The robot from the StorageTek Tape Library suddenly, what appears to be. connectivity with our 5300.

What's worse is that we thought this happened when the 5300's port was not in use for sometime, but we just found out

that it is happening during backups.  We have to completely shutdown our StorageTek tape library to reenable the StorageTek robot and drives.

Any reason for this happening?  Any suggestions on what to edit on the port configuration ?

(As I said, this has never happened with our Cisco line.  Since we changed out this has become an issue. Thats why I'm initially pointing fingers here.)



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Re: Brocade 5300 connection lost to Tape Library

Never come across such a scenario. The probable suspects would be the drivers on the host or some flapping ports.

Is the tape library accessed via ISL's?? If yes then check if any of the ISL's are flapping due to bad media. fabriclog -s on all switches in the path.

Is the host a windows host?? Which HBA make and drivers??

Could be a compatibility issue or bug.

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Re: Brocade 5300 connection lost to Tape Library

This is a point-to-point connection from Brocade 5300 to Tape Library.  No ISL's involved.

Host is StorageTek Tek Library.

Emulex HBA's.

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Re: Brocade 5300 connection lost to Tape Library


We are using HP FC (brocade) switches since 2004, when we had introduced StorageTek L700 library with FC-SDLT600 (including robot arm) tape drive.

The tape devices lost connection started. Here are the step that we did to resolved this issue.

What was done to try fixing the problem

1. zone every tape device seperatly

2. lock down the port speed at the switches for the tape devices

3. If it is a Microsoft OS (2003) check for this knowledge base 84211

4. If you used HP SIM you need to disable fiber agent tape support.

5. Verify that the tape device firmware version is in the compability matrix for brocade.

These configuration did help, but from time to time we are still loosing tape.

I hope this will help

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