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Brocade 4100 FOS upgration from v5.0.1b -- > FOS V5.3.0C

Hi All ,

I have download the FOS V5.3.0C upgradation on Brocade 4100 .

When I Run the Firmwaredownload : ITs ending up with below error

I try to pick install file from FTP to try the installation

DS_4100B:admin> firmwaredownload

You can run firmwareDownloadStatus to get the status

of this command.

This command will cause the switch to reset and will

require that existing telnet, secure telnet or SSH

sessions be restarted.

Do you want to continue :

Server Name or IP Address:

User Name: Pavan

File Name: install


Firmwaredownload has started.

Could not read the Pfile headr.

Firmwaredownload failed. (0x12) Cannot access package list (.plist) file.

When I try searching for the .Plist files in the FOS ZIP , I could see too many .PLIST files in the sub folders ( only in SWBD folder Plists files are available ) but i could not see any .Plist file in the current folder

Please suggest which Plist file has to be picked for this upgrade



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Re: Brocade 4100 FOS upgration from v5.0.1b -- > FOS V5.3.0C

anyway a common topic....

first, you cannot upgrade in ONE step from 5.0.x to 5.3.x

5.0.x -> 5.1.x -> 5.2.x -> 5.3.x

second filename is not install, you must point to the package folder/release.plist



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Re: Brocade 4100 FOS upgration from v5.0.1b -- > FOS V5.3.0C

For v5.1.0 or earlier you will specify the full path name of the firmware directory, appended by release.plist; for example, /pub/v5.2.0/release.plist.   Once you are on 5.2.0 or later it does not require it.


Mike Eversole
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