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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 4020 (37.1) Configured in AG mode with Cisco MDS 9509

Brocade Switch  37.1 (4020), IBM FRU 32R1820)

We have a  Brocade  (switch which  was running with FOS version 5.3.0a in AG mode and connected to  the CISCO 9509 with the OS version 4.1 (3a).

Later we upgraded the brocade FOS to 6.2.1b and after 15 days  the Cisco MDS  upgraded to version 5.2.1.

The procedure we followed was

1. Upgraded both the brocade in the enclosure to 6.2.1b

2. After 15 Days, One of the MDS 9509 upgraded to 5.2.1. The second MDS maintained with 5.2.1

it was working fine till we rebooted one server in the chassis. Following the reboot, that server lost one path to the storage. The path was through the MDS with an upgraded OS.  During the troubleshooting, we rebooted the brocade switch which is connected to the MDS with 5.2.1 and found that all the servers except 2 of them lost its one path. Later we observerd that the external uplinks to the MDS was two and we have the two servers with both the paths. To confirm this we have connected all the 6 external uplinks to the MDS and found that 6 servers out of the 14 got two paths.

At this stage we removed all the cables and made just a single connection to the MDS with OS version 4.1(3a) to test if it could be a firmware (OS) compatibility issue and found that all the ports were showing connected. This made us to believe that the problem is with the upgraded firmware of  Cisco MDS. Even though EMC confirms that V 5.2.1 is compatible with 6.2.1b, it doesnt looks like working.

Does anybody experienced similar issues? If so please help us to resolve this as its affecting our production.

Below is the switchshow of the affected switch.

/fabos/bin/switchshow        :
switchMode:Access Gateway Mode

Area Port Media Speed State     Proto
  0   0   id    N4   Online           N-Port  20:c8:00:0d:ec:c2:23:01 0x910160
  1   1   cu    N4   Online           F-Port  21:01:00:1b:32:29:77:d1 0x911100
  2   2   cu    N4   Online           G-Port
  3   3   cu    AN   No_Sync         
  4   4   cu    N4   Online           F-Port  21:01:00:1b:32:29:72:d0 0x911c00
  5   5   cu    N4   Online           G-Port
  6   6   cu    N4   Online           F-Port  21:01:00:1b:32:3e:11:b3 0x980100
7   7   cu    N4   Online           G-Port
  8   8   cu    N4   Online           G-Port
9   9   cu    N4   Online           F-Port  21:01:00:1b:32:3e:e1:b0 0x912000
10  10   cu    AN   No_Sync         
11  11   cu    N4   Online           G-Port
12  12   cu    N4   Online           F-Port  21:01:00:1b:32:a3:c4:7e 0x910600
13  13   cu    N4   Online           G-Port
14  14   cu    AN   No_Sync         
15  15   id    N4   Online           N-Port  20:c8:00:0d:ec:c2:23:01 0x910220
16  16   id    N4   Online           N-Port  20:01:00:0d:ec:c2:23:01 0x980040
17  17   id    N4   Online           N-Port  20:c8:00:0d:ec:c2:23:01 0x910240
18  18   id    N4   Online           N-Port  20:32:00:0d:ec:c2:23:01 0x0b0020
19  19   id    N4   Online           N-Port  20:c8:00:0d:ec:c2:23:01 0x9101a0


Joby Paulose

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Re: Brocade 4020 (37.1) Configured in AG mode with Cisco MDS 9509

Can you post the output of your ag mapping (ag --showmap)?

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