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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Brocade 300 enabling F-port for HUS110

Hi All,

Can anyone guide me through the following points observed in Brocade 300 SAN connectivity:-

1. HUS 110 storage is connected to Brocade 300 and the Port type is showing as L rather than F or FL.

2. When i am allocating the LUN's from storage, they get visible to the host but when the IO is started, the fabric from the Solaris OS gets disappeared after every 30secs and eventually the Port status from the storage to Brocade shows down. Is point number 1 reason for the same.

3. How to get the port status on Brocade 300 for HUS storage as F-port.



faiz-ul mufti

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Re: Brocade 300 enabling F-port for HUS110

You can force the switch port to bypass any attempts at loop initialization by running 'portcfggport <port_num> 1'

This will make the port a g_port which will only negotiate to either F or E depending on what is attached. Having said that, your device may be negotiating to L for a reason. Is the storage itself configured to do point-to-point topology?  Does the 'switchshow' output say the L_Port is public?  If it is only configured to operate on a loop, then forcing the switch port to G will prevent it from logging it at all.

It is also unlikely that the reason for your loss of access to the storage is because it logged in as a loop device. It sounds more like the connection is just altogether unstable. But if you know the storage is capable of operating on an F_Port (and is  properly configured to do so), then forcing the switch port to a g_port is not a bad idea to help stabilize at least one variable.

From there you may find that you still need to troubleshoot a possible connection problem relating to optics or cabling. Hope that helps a bit.

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