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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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[Brocade 300] E-Port segmented,(incompatible)

Hi all, i'm having a problem with 4 brocade 300.

Between  brocade 1 and 2, ISL working Fine, between 3 and 4 , ISL Working Fine, but between 2 and  3(different sites, about 500mts) the error output for islshow command  is:

PSBFCSW2:admin> islshow
  1:  0->  0 10:00:00:05:1e:ed:66:b0   1 PSBFCSW1        sp:  4.000G bw:  4.000G
  2: 15->    (incompatible)

Any Ideas ? Thanks in Advance

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Re: [Brocade 300] E-Port segmented,(incompatible)

help me to understand you ISL

you have ISL as follow, correct ?

1 <---> 2 <----> 3 <----> 4

and you say 2 <--/--> 3

show as incompatible.

check fabric and config parameters, make sure all switch have a Unique DID

--->>>(different sites, about 500mts)

this can be caused due cabling problem, because for such distance you have to check the Cable Type ( OM3 is required )

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Re: [Brocade 300] E-Port segmented,(incompatible)

Hi sidnei.marques,

First off, as TechHelp24 already said, for 500 meters at 4G you should use longwave SFPs and single mode cables.

With shortwave SFPs and OM3 cables it's possible to reach 500 meters at 2G, but not faster.

Next, compare fabric.ops parameters in cfgShow on both sides of the link.

Finally, compare portCfgShow settings on both sides of the link.

Hope this helps,


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Re: [Brocade 300] E-Port segmented,(incompatible)



There was a broken fiber... haha...  was replaced and now 2<--->3 is ok.

The problem now is 3<----->4, the port 1 shows zone conflict, so i done the folow commands on Fiber Switch4:




but the "zone conflict" persists....

Many thanks

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Re: [Brocade 300] E-Port segmented,(incompatible)

Thanks friend, but there was a broken fiber on switch!

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