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BNA get historical performance data over the REST API (BNA 12.4.2)

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Hi Guys,

I can get all kind of information about my fabrics, san-switches over the REST API without problem, but i can't get the historical performance data. The performance stuff is enabled in the BNA and fully working. 


When i send the following URI:
Python fragement:

connection.request('GET', my_url, headers={"WStoken":WStoken, "Accept":"application/vnd.brocade.networkadvisor+json;version=v1"}) .......

 i get a response code 200, so the API server accepts my request, but the payload in the answer is:



    "performanceDatas": [],
    "granularity": "GRANULARITY_MINIMUM",
    "duration": null,
    "startDate": 1487581573265,
    "endDate": 1487585173265


i tried all sorts of "timeseries..." URI, but it's always empty. 

Any idea what i'm doing wrong ?



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