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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Are Zone Changes Non-Disruptive

Hi all,


Ok, from the subject line you might think "Ofcourse they are!", but here is my scenario.


I'm currently working on a 6510 switch run FabOS 7.1.1 and have the following scenario;


Aliase1 - HOSTWWN

Aliase2 - TargetWWN1

Aliase3 - TargetWWN1, TargetWWN2


TargetWWN1 is the same WWN in both aliases.


Zone1 - Aliase1;Aliase2

Zone2 - Aliase1;Aliase3



I have Zone1 in my active configuration which contains Aliase1 and Aliase2 (HOSTWWN and TargetWWN1)


I would like to add Zone2 which contains Aliase1 and Aliase3 (HOSTWWN, TargetWWN1 and TargetWWN2) to my config.

I would then want to remove Zone1 from the config.

I would then want to activate the new configuration.


Will there be any disruption to communication between HOSTWWN and Target1WWN when the new config is activated, given that the HOSTWWN and TargetWWN1 are in the original zone (Zone1) and also in the new zone (Zone2)?





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Re: Are Zone Changes Non-Disruptive

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Re: Are Zone Changes Non-Disruptive

You already have an alias assigned to TargetWWN1.Alias3 should probably not have TWWN1.

When you zone as indicated, you will have two zones to T1. One zone to T2. And one zone from T1 to T2.

I would remove T1 from Alias3.

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Re: Are Zone Changes Non-Disruptive

Thanks for your help, I shall have a read of this link. The scenario I posted here was a very simplified view of what I actually need to do, but the principles would be the same.

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